“My class at the Yoga Factory is my weekly oasis of tranquility and mindfulness. I have always struggled with committing to classes but Karen makes it easy. She is a gentle, knowledgeable instructor and the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed. Karen has taught me how to make the most out of every stretch and pose, as well as how to incorporate yoga and stillness into my daily routine. I look forward to it every week!”
~~ Karen, Campbellford

“As a woman of “a certain age”, I have been attending The Yoga Factory restorative yoga classes since September 2012 and have found them to be very helpful in easing my arthritis pain, strengthening my muscles and as a great addition to my normal meditation practices. The classes are great fun as well. Karen is an excellent teacher, patient with her pupils and dedicated to the practice of yoga. I can certainly recommend her gentle classes for those who wish to limber up their aging body.”
~~ Eveline, Marmora

“I started taking yoga with Karen 4 weeks ago in order to become more flexible. I’d just rejoined the gym at the same time and found while I was more physically active, I was still stiff and tight. After my first yoga class I found that not only was it a physical workout, but the relaxation and focus it brought me was an additional pleasant surprise. I was addicted! I now find myself looking forward to yoga class each week and wondering what new position we will learn, how relaxed it will make me after class is over and the overall ‘calmness’ and ‘at peace’ feeling it brings me. I’d recommend yoga to anyone who wants to bring more balance to their life, both physically and mentally!”
~~Heidi, Marmora

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