COVID restrictions

As Ontario slowly starts to return to a new state of normal (a much over-used phrase, I know) and kids and teachers prepare to return to school, it’s time to start thinking about a return to yoga.

I’ve followed the lead of other studios and fitness establishments, and tape measure in hand, I know that I’m able to fit 6 students into the studio while maintaining a minimum of 6 feet between everyone. Here are some of the measures I’ll be taking:

  • I’ve placed tape on the floor to indicate where yoga mats should be placed.
  • Everyone will be required to answer a set of questions before attending a session.
  • I will be disinfecting door handles and shared bathroom appliances after every class. 
  • I ask that you wear a mask while in the shared foyer area, and when using the bathroom. Disinfectant will be provided for those using the facilities, to wipe down used surfaces before and after use.
  • I will wear a mask while teaching, but it will be your decision as to whether you feel you should wear a mask in class.
  • If you have your own mat, I ask that you bring that, as well as a blanket and, if needed, props (blocks and/or strap). I can wipe yoga mats down with disinfectant, and wash straps and blankets, but the cork blocks would hard to disinfect.
  • I will divide the fall session into 4-week blocks to ensure that everyone wishing to return under these new circumstances has the opportunity to do so.
  • Payment: Some of you will still have classes either owing from when we stopped in the fall, or classes left on your loyalty card. We will figure that out as we go. After that, payment will be by 4-week block and sign-up will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I realize that this solution will not work for everyone. Some of you are high-risk or share you lives with or care for someone who is high-risk. I will look into recording classes if there is enough interest, but for now, I know I cannot store recorded classes onto the Zoom cloud unless I record them live through Zoom, and as there is no wifi in the studio, this is not an option.

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